2006-08-16,12:14 PM

Hizbullah And Israel’s myth of invincibility

By By Ali Al-Hail

To Arabs the resolution 1701, is the best worst since Israeli-Arab conflict began in 1948. Had never before the UN come this close to Arabs. Unquestionably, is the fierce resistance by Hizbullah that, has defeated Israel’s myth of invincibility, the reason behind the resolution.

The US, the main player in the Security Council was founded upon power and force, so was Israel. Therefore, when Hizbullah’s fighters had answered them in their language of “Survival of the Fittest”, they got the message loud an clear.

From the very first day on July 12th until the very last day, on August 13th and prior to the agreed ceasefire, Hizbullah’s fighters had never given in to the presumably, most powerful army in the entire Middle East. Israel’s Army that, crushed the armies of, at least 20 Arab regimes in 6 hours during 1967 war, was not capable, despite its most 400 sophisticated strong F16 jets intensive bombing, of stopping Hizbullah’s missiles falling on Israel on a daily basis.

Sunday August 13th and after 31 days of ferocious confrontation has once more, seen 200 Hizbullah’s missiles striking on Israel, despite Israel’s allegations of crippling Hizbullah’s capability to launch missiles. More significantly, on Saturday, August 12th, Hizbullah decided to celebrate the July 12th Israeli war on Lebanon in the way, Israel had regretted.

While the Israeli Army was determined to achieve ‘something on the ground’ that, it had remarkably, failed to achieve in the past 31 days for domestic consumption back at home, the Israeli army suffered the highest toll in a single day. 24 Israeli soldiers had been killed by Hizbullah’s anti tank missiles, including 5 soldiers were killed in a helicopter shot down by Hizbullah.

Until Sunday August 13th, and before 9 hours from the UN ceasefire the Israeli Army still seems to struggle with holding on Aitasha’b, a 1.5 mile border village and other few contiguous villages, much less approaching the Litani River. Though Israel claimed three weeks ago, its Army had controlled Aitasha’b and other nearby villages, including the strategic town of Bintjbail the furthest the Israeli Army has reached was a maximum of 5 miles. Hence, 9 hours before the UN truce, the Israeli Army until now has suffered huge losses. Media reports speak about 35 killed and injured in the Israeli Army in these adjacent villages in which Hizbullah, according to BBC Radio-World Service put on fierce fighting as ever.

AP, Jane’s Defense Weekly, BBC and other media sources are reported to have said more than 150 Israeli soldiers, including 35 Golani elite troopers had been killed, most of them were targeted in their merkava tanks, by Hizbullah’s anti-tank missiles. The reports also indicates that, the injured have exceeded 400. Additionally, More than 100 Merkava tanks, 46 bulldozers and 34 armored vehicles were destroyed.

In the meantime, Israel’s air force hooligans have, as usual since July 12th been conducting more holocausts, massacres and crimes against humanity. It’s Israel’s way of absorbing its frustration with being incapable of weakening Hizbullah, let alone disarming it.

On Sunday August 13th and as the clock ticked down towards the ceasefire, Israel’s air force had murdered a mother with her three children and her Asian assistant, in Eastern Tire, according to BBC report. The Israeli air force hooligans have also, butchered two families of 5 and 6 members in Ihraik Neighborhood, southern Beirut. Besides, 25 civilians, most of them children, had been murdered. Until the time of writing there are 40 other people under rubble.

Other massacres have been carried out by the Israeli air force hooligans in Al-Begaa and other parts of Lebanon. BBC, Reuters, AP, CNN and Al-jazeera were reported to have described the places in which civilians had been murdered as residential, with no Hizbullah’s presence. Since Israel’s naval shelling and air force bombing campaign started on July 12th , nearly, 1600 Lebanese civilians had been killed, half of them are children. 29 families of 6-14 members were reported to have been murdered by Israel in cold blood. More than 6000 were injured or maimed virtually, third of this number are children as well. The Lebanese civilians who were forced to flee their homes from Southern Lebanon, Beirut-Southern district, Al-Biqaa and Ba’labak had numbered a million (1,000,000).

Al Jazeera was reported to have witnessed that, these bombings and massacres by the Israeli Air Force had aimed at revenge and on the other hand to achieve something convincing to the Israeli people. Moreover, the BBC’s John muir (BBC, Radio World Service, August 13th) has spoken of Hizbullah’s tactics and war strategies that, had completely, puzzled and taken it by surprise.

As a result, Hizbullah’s tactics in this war, have world-wide been observed by military colleges. According to media reports, for years to come what a guerrilla has done versus the most military might in the entire Middle East and one of the most powerful Army in the whole World, had captured the attentions of many military specialists in the World, including those in the US and Israel itself. To sum up, one could say that, disarming Hizbullah by whoever would have made Lebanese, Arabs and Muslims feel disarmed of dignity. As was never before Israel defeated by an Arab country, in the way Hizbullah had done.

Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Professor of Mass Communication, Twice Fulbright Award Winner, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, and Board Member of AUSACE ASC, IABD, NEBAA, BEA, IMDA and EAJMC American Associations.


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