2006-09-20,11:49 AM

The World's Survival Vs. Israel's Survival: The Real World Order

By Gary Schofield

I had my first actual malignant cancer surgery done on my upper lip recently: The first real step of mortality. For the first time in my adult life, I am without health insurance. Oh, so this is what it feels like. As I sit in the waiting room for the results of the biopsy, I think to myself, this is nothing compared to the victims of the Middle Eastern wars, human bodies: Burned, poisoned, crushed and severed. I can’t get the picture out of my mind. Claude Thomas’s (the Vietnam vet/Buddhist who wrote At Hell’s Gate: A Soldier’s Journey) talks of the complicity between the military apparatus of a country and that country’s civilians. The blood is on our hands.

The worst part of the operation was sitting in the waiting room reading today’s magazines. If you were wondering about Collin Powell—he’s doing just great [featured in AAPP’s magazine]. Outside of his one little UN fiasco, his career in civilian life is flourishing. He should be in Abu Ghraib, seriously! Now I’m forced to read one of Israel’s leading imbedded journalists, Thomas Friedman. I think of Friedman’s interview on Terry Gross’s NPR some years ago: “The Mother’s Milk of the Arab child is to hate Israel and the United States”. I thought someone could be arrested for shouting fire in the theater? “The US and Israel are inextricably linked at the hip”. His enemy [Islam] has morphed into my enemy. Friedman finally delivers the psyopps hook in yesterday’s editorial [NYT 08/10/06]: “ In the end, Israel will do whatever it has to do to prevail”. In today’s national propaganda editorial, the other imbedded journalist, Dr. Strangelove Krauthammer [Washington Post 08/11/06] talks of the optimism of this years anti-war democrat: “But beyond that, it will be desolation”. These guys are scary.

So I am feeling that the window is closing in real time. Look at the fall agenda for the US military [www.falseflagnews.com] in terms of war games; Britain’s current severe terror alert; the USA is on a partial code red; Al Gore’s movie is significantly understated [2006 temperatures already exceeding 2005]; the US-based central bank is printing tons of eroding dollars to finance the global acquisition plans; BP and Iran are closing down the oil flow; our children are stumbling from a growing list of psychiatric disorders; and there is a movement afloat to radically restructure the internet. The land has an eerie dark Vietnam feeling to it. We are back on the path of MAD [mutually assured destruction].

Why is the Lebanon thing different than Afghanistan and Iraq? Isn’t it really just business as usual? It is different because in this one they took the gloves of deception off. This is a straight up in your face hostile takeover with the shock and awe strategy of civilian warfare. We are watching a real live genocide. The genocide also applies to Afghanistan and Iraq, but there was the pretext of 911 and WMD before those wars started. In this situation, there’s no real attempt to build a pretext [two captured soldiers?]. This is why it’s so dangerous. It is a type of Nazi psyopps operation. The perpetrators now blatantly demonstrate to their current and future victims how badly they intend to harm them. They drop the pretense. If there’s no reaction, nor willingness to fight back, then the battle for control is already won. We become compliant Germans. Live free or die.

So the master plans are out there for all to see. Israel’s A Clean Break: The New Strategy for Securing the Realm was published prior to 2000. It very specifically addresses: Iraq, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran; a break from America’s controlling influence; preemptive military operations and transcending Israel’s enemies. Goggle it, it’s only 6 pages long. It lays out the scenario for what is happening in Lebanon right now. America’s PNAC’s Rebuilding American Defense: Strategic Forces and Resources for a New Century was published in September of 2000. Some key players were involved in writing both plans. PNAC’s document [which later became the USA National Security Policy] essentially defines a USA manifest destiny vision with preemptive war as the tool of implementation. We’ve got to do something fundamental and we’ve got to do it now.

In my mind, the world community is going to have to consider undoing what some of our global members initiated back in 1947 [UN partitioning of Palestinian thereby creating Israeli]. I think the very legitimacy of Israel has got to be placed on the negotiating table for the global community to consider. Israel has taken it upon itself, with help from its enablers, to direct the geopolitics of the Middle East. Israel is seeking to establish the Greater Israel, which is requiring ongoing military invasions into neighboring nations [real estate, oil and water]. Israel is an unregulated major nuclear military power with an unknown capacity and an unknown nuclear strategy. Israel has now initiated a conflict where there is no return. In a very real sense, global politics is being reduced to the survival of tiny Israel or the survival of the rest of the world. From the US perspective, official accounts put the cumulative cost of supporting Israel at $138 billion. It is probably twice that, and if we were to include opportunity costs [goodwill, brand, networks, markets, security, etc.] the financial impact is in the trillions. What do we get from the relationship?

Israel has got to go back to the boundaries of 1967, the release of all political prisoners, pay war reparations for all civilian damages, and be committed to the sharing and co-development of regional resources. The Israeli government will have to abide by international law and UN resolutions. I’m saying that we put Israel on notice that its legitimacy is no longer considered god given and it must earn its place amongst the mature nations of mankind. If it is not willing to abide by international law and the spiritual laws of the global community then the discussion as to its on going viability will have to be put on the table.

We are running out of time and must act now. There is much to be said, proved and disproved, the history, the holocaust, the victimization, the Talmud, Zionism, anti-semiticism, Israel’s desire for racial purity, etc., etc., but we don’t have the time. It is becoming my story, the world’s story; we are caught in the quest of G-d’s chosen people. Why are we willing to go over the precipice for this little country, which is costing us so much to befriend and is acting so belligerently. How does America benefit from this relationship? We’re got to put his issue into the proper perspective. Israel must join the rest of humanity if is to survive as a legal entity. If she is unwilling, then as with my incidence of cancer, the world community may have to remove a very small but dangerous malignancy to keep the larger organism healthy.

Gary Schofield, MBA The Resource Group


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