2006-08-19,7:35 PM

The question now, when will the Israeli seventh war on Arabs start?

By Dr Salim Nazzal

Israelis lack real knowledge about the culture of the Arab Middle East and thusly found themselves in a situation where war will be the fate of all Israeli generations to come.

Israelis are still captives to the biblical history without understanding the developments which occurred in the region in the last two thousands years. They simply do not want to recognize the fact that they are surrounded by a region that is hostile to them, and that there is not one single state in history which could survive this situation in the Middle East. And that they may win hundred wars but none of these will bring security to them.

Israelis do not simply want to realize that they will have problems with each Arab generation. What perhaps consolidate their thinking that Arabs are backward are the corrupted Arab leaders who ran the conflict in the worst possible manner.

The Arab image was carved by a racist educational system which associate every thing negative with Arabs, this system which educated all Israeli generations since the establishment of the state in 1948.Therefore, when an Israeli officer says to the media that killing Palestinians is as exciting as hunting ducks is only a reflection of the years of his education.

When we read what some ministers and even some Israeli journalists say about removing Lebanese villages from existence (the villages which shoot at the invading soldiers) one realizes how sick the Israeli ideology is.

To satisfy their ego the Israelis do not want to accept that science and modern technology is available to all who seek to obtain them. And that the future wars will be catastrophic to all .

Israelis invest mallards of money to build walls and milliards for modern weapons to murder and to occupy while they are not ready to listen and understand the needs of the native Palestinians whom they are oppressing. And if they do, they do it from a security point view.

There is no state in history which arranges seminars and meetings to discuss the high birth among the population (from a security point of view) except the state of Israel, which describes the Palestinian high birth rate as a demographic bomb.

No wonder that this mentality is the one which plants the seeds of the next war, the only question is when?

Dr. Salim Nazzal is a Palestinian researcher. He has written extensively on social and political issues in the Middle East.Email:gibran44@hotmail.com


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